NF was started in Australia in the 1990s when we realised there was a need for an octane booster that actually gave a significant octane increase while at the same time providing good value for money. After extended research, development and testing, NF Racing Formula Octane Booster was released. With its unique formula, its popularity grew, making it one of the most popular bottled octane boosters in the performance industry and our flagship product for many years.

We soon realised that there was a demand for other good quality additives in the market and started to expand the NF range. One by one we added new products to the range, making sure that each one was of the highest quality. The NF range of products is constantly growing and our constant work at supplying the best products has made us one of the leading automotive additives world wide. The growing popularity of NF has led to us having distributors across the globe with more companies joining us all the time.

We now have a wide range of products that work for your engine on the road, all the time. NF products are tested extensively in the laboratory and out on the road under real world conditions. Our thorough testing and track record ensure we give only the best to your engine.

In the early 2000s, only 91 octane unleaded petrol and 93 octane leaded petrol was available in South Africa. With turbo charged cars, such as the Subaru Impreza and Audi 1.8T, entering the market we needed higher octane fuel. Most of these cars needed 98 octane fuel to run at their optimum. After a lot of research, NF emerged as a clear leader in octane boosters worldwide and after a little negotiation, NF octane boosters were imported for resale in the South African Market!

It wasn't long before NF's popularity grew and as NF became the leading octane booster brand in South Africa, requests started coming in for the other NF products. More and more products from NF were added to the available line-up giving the broad spectrum of NF additives available in South Africa today.

The NF range is always growing and as new products become available, they are offered to the South African market. The reception is always good as customers have grown accustomed to the excellent quality and value that NF provides.

Browse our product line to see how our incredible additives can benefit you today, whether you want better performance, better economy, a cleaner engine or have a fuel system problem: there is an NF product for you!